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System Layout

The Ripple Rock Systems Layout, designed to produce 25,000 lbs. of tilapia annually, consists of the following stand-alone pod systems:

  1. Fry System - (2) 110 gallon polymer tanks with an Aquaculture Systems Technology (AST) Bubble-Washed Bead Filter and a UV light.

  2. Fingerling Systems - (3) 900 gallon tanks with (1) AST PBF-10 Bead-Washed Filter.

  3. Grow-Out Systems - (2) Raceways with (1) AST PBF-25 Bead-Washed Filter.

  4. Harvest - (1) Purge Tank with Hapa Nets to hold and sort market-ready fish.

In 2016, we duplicated this design a second time in the space available in our barn.We now have production capabilities of approximately 50,000 lbs. of tilapia a year!

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