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Start Your Own!

We made the mistakes so you don't have to!

Recirculating Aquaculture Manuals
Recirculating Aquaculture Business Plan

Individualize a Business Plan

  • Create a successful plan using step-by-step instructions in our detailed business manual. Fill in the workbook spaces to organize your thoughts and back ideas with research. 

Recirculating Aquaculture Design Plns

Begin Building

  • Follow three complete sets of design plans to build Fry, Fingerling, and Raceway Systems. Utilize the Itemized Parts Lists for purchasing material. View new photos specific to each system. 


Operate with Ease

  • Find answers to your operating questions regarding feed, heating, oxygen, water quality, transportation, and more. Watch short "how-to" videos on our YouTube channel to model operating procedures and view real-life examples.

Consulting Services

  • Contact us for package pricing and learn about our consulting services. We can help you order equipment, answer questions as you implement plans, and contribute hands-on experience.

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