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Get Rid of Your Muck with a Bang for Your Buck - Clean Your Pond with Tilapia

Trying to clean up your pond? We have a solution! Stocking your pond with fish, especially tilapia, can clean up algae and vegetation. Tilapia are a chemical free way to clean your pond. For southeast Ohio, purchase fish for your pond during May to October. Tilapia will keep your pond clean all summer long.

Now the question many fish will l need to stock my pond? The recommended amount of tilapia is 30 pounds per acre. To fill a one acre pond you will need 100, 6 inch tilapia for the season. One pound of fish is approximately three 6 inch tilapia.

We deliver for orders of 100 fish or more! Depending on what type of pond you have you might want a different size of fish. We sell fry, fingerlings and grow-out tilapia. To check pricing and place an order visit!pond-fish/rf8pz

Don't waste your whole summer sitting by a pond like the one pictured - order tilapia today and see results fast!

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