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Economists predict that aquaculture - the farming of aquatic organisms - will be one of three major economic opportunities in the new millennium. Everyone everywhere is either eating more fish or thinking they should!

Support for Aquaculture:

  • ​Changes in dietary patterns and the fact that the US Surgeon General now recommends eating fish as a significant protein source for the diet are strong indicators that opportunities in aquaculture will continue to expand. (Market demand is increasing).

  • Aquaculture must continue to increase its capacity as the wild catch is predicted to only marginally increase by 1.5% yearly over the next 15 years. (Market supply is shrinking).

  • Aquaculture is an environmentally responsible alternative to fishing - providing a consistent and reliable source of high quality, fresh seafood.

  • Farmers control the quality of water - producing seafood that is free from environmental contaminants.

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